Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery

Rotations Schedule

The planned weekly schedule for the Academic Rhinology Fellowship alternates in two-month blocks, as shown below. Each week contains a total of two OR days, two clinic days, and an additional day of academic time. The latter may be utilized for clinical or basic science research, and for academic study (board preparation).

Please note, the schedule can be modified for fellows who elect to pursue basic science investigation that requires additional laboratory commitments. Additionally, skull base procedures are typically scheduled on either Tuesday or Wednesday in lieu of clinic.

July/August, November/December, March/April

AMConley ORConley ClinicKern ClinicKern ORConley Clinic
PMConley ORAcademicAcademicKern ORConley Clinic

September/October, January/February, May/June

AMWelch ClinicWelch ClinicKern ClinicKern ORWelch OR
PMAcademicWelch ClinicAcademicKern ORWelch OR